Werner Horvath: “Niccolo Machiavelli – The Prince”. Oil on canvas, 2002.


This painting is the cover-image of the book “Niccolo Machiavelli – Der Fürst”, RaBaKa-Publishing, ISBN: 978-3-940185-05-1, 2007.
It is included in “Worldviews: Contact and Change” by A.Fitton, D.M.Goodman and E. O’Connor, a Grade 8 social studies textbook published by Pearson Education, Toronto, Canada, ISBN 978-0-13-198719-7, 2007.
It is also published in “politik & kommunikation”, a political magazine by Helios Media, illustrating the article “Sei Löwe, sei Fuchs!” by Marco Althaus (Berlin, September 2008) and in the magazine “Charakter”, March 2010, illustrating the article “Das Phänomen der Macht” by Vanessa Pegel (Göttingen).